What would you change?

If you’ve ever wished things could be different, you’re not alone!

Clients come to see me to discuss all sorts of different issues; some in their work life, some in their personal life and most of them in both!

Is it time to invest in yourself and your success?

What will you benefit most from?

Personal Coaching

So often we learn to live with being unhappy and trapped within our daily lives. Trapped becomes the norm.  Dreams and hopes fade, we’re left feeling unfulfilled despite knowing there’s a better version of ourselves inside.

A coach can be a powerful resource who can help you get out of your own way, stand out, and take action to achieve the things that are truly important to you.

It’s my personal passion to watch the people I work with change and flourish as ambitions and dreams start to emerge through the coaching they receive.

I will help you:

  • Get clear about your goals
  • Identify blind spots
  • Keep on track and moving forward
  • Focus your efforts
  • Feel happier

By helping you identify and align your values, create a focus, cut through clutter, I will help you stoke your success and live life to the full. How much is that worth to you?

Executive Coaching

It can be tough at the top! Expectations are high, responsibilities are wide. Leaders have the responsibility for leading and coaching others, yet often have the least support.

Executive coaching provides time and a uniquely challenging but supportive working partnership to help individuals reach their full potential, challenge thinking and assumptions, elicit new insights and achieve significant shifts in confidence, awareness and understanding.

I will help you to:

  • manage a change within your business or industry
  • prepare to join your new organisation, work out your role, teams and organisational priorities, culture and power dynamics
  • develop your career plan/prepare for a promotion
  • create balance in your work and personal life

If you come into a coaching engagement with an open mind and a real willingness to grow you will question your assumptions about yourself, get curious about where you’re strong and where you need to grow, and learn to see yourself with “fair-witness” eyes.

This will have a truly positive impact on your personal and business results.

Small Business Coaching

No matter how successful your small business, no owner has all the answers. And running your own business can be lonely with no-one to turn to when the chips are down or to reassure you that you are on the right path.

I will help you:

  • Identify gaps
  • Find solutions
  • Make decisions
  • Design a “do-able” action plan
  • Move forward

With me, you can create a sound plan that defines your vision, your goals and how you are going to reach them.

A simple but sound business strategy can take your business to the next level. Don’t let business planning and strategy fall by the wayside; plan today and reap the benefits for years to come

Coaching for Companies

Professional coaching explicitly targets maximising potential. At the heart of coaching is a creative and thought-provoking process that supports individuals to confidently pursue new ideas and alternative solutions with greater resilience.

Coaching with me will help:

  • motivate and empower individuals to excel
  • Improve individual and team performance
  • accelerate productivity
  • implement new direction
  • transform how management can lead

Effective coaching transforms businesses. It influences both the development and performance of an organisation. Coaching is a discipline that when embraced, valued, and demonstrated significantly correlates to market performance.

According to the ICF Global Coaching Client Study, the vast majority of companies (86%) say they at least made their investment back. In fact, almost one in five people (19%) saw an ROI of 50 times their investment, while a further 28% saw an ROI of 10 to 49 times the investment

Top 5 Reasons people invest in a coach


There’s something in your life you desperately want. A new job, to start a business of your own, to take your business into new territory, to meet the love of your life – but you are frozen by the enormity and implications of making such a monumental change and held back by just keeping up day to day.

You may feel like you’re clinging to the edge of a cliff where staying or leaping seems impossible.

A great coach can help you work through the fear, resistance and overwhelm that usually pops up when you are creating something authentic, exciting and new.

Perhaps you keep trying to improve your business, your job, your money situation, or your relationships and nothing seems to be working.

The right coach can help you discover why you’re stuck and why things seem not to be working out the way you want them to.

Then they’ll help you remove these obstacles, break through old painful beliefs and devise a plan to help you get what you truly, deeply want.

It could be trouble at work, trouble at home – you feel trapped, uninspired, frustrated, unclear, sad, depressed as a result. Your business is troubled by choppy waters and your best efforts to control it are taking their toll.

Taking time to accept what’s happening in a safe place can substantially shorten the time you spend in this “state”.

A good coach will help you by supporting you and then when you are ready will work with you, supported by powerful tools and methods to move forward to a happier and more fulfilling place.

Great events can often disorientate you as you adapt to the changes involved. They can even distract you from yourreal goals. It can be hard if you feel you should be incredibly happy but you aren’t.

A good coach will help you to navigate this huge change and will support you in adapting in a healthier, much more enjoyable way.

At times it may feel like nothing makes sense.

Learning how to identify and dissolve events running (often in the background) can shift you out of helplessness and help to clear up confusion.

Whether you have a clear vision of what your ideal reality looks like, or perhaps feel things aren’t quite right and something needs to change, coaching can help you explore what you want and put together a step-by-step plan to get there. 

Time to Invest in You?

It can be hard to work out what to do first when you’re faced with things you’d like to solve or change. Working with a trusted coach is an investment that will allow you to spend your time energy and resources on the activities that enable you to reach the goals that really matter to you.

I will help you identify and focus on what important to you and help you see yourself and your situation more clearly. We will work together to identify gaps between where you are today and where you need or want to be. Then identify a clear plan to accelerate you towards your success.

Book a free consultation session to discover more about your very own personalised coaching programme.

“Building Self Belief”

“The sessions have been a great investment for me. I have already made it half way to my goal that we’d agreed in our first session. My results show that Maggie helped me to identify what was holding me back before and work out how to make sure they didn’t get in my way again”

Business Owner, Newbury