Book a free consultation session to discover more about your very own personalised coaching programme.

The first step is to book the initial free discovery session where we will discuss your situation and I will explain how I work and what coaching support I would recommend. Clients often comment on how “mind opening” this is for them.

If at the end of this session, we both agree that you’ll get great value out of working together, I will offer you one of my coaching programmes.

Coaching Options

Everyone is different and therefore programme length and costs vary depending on what it is you want to achieve.

However, as a guide, prices for my coaching programmes start from £450, depending on what you’d like to achieve and in what timeframe. With prior agreement and for extended coaching arrangements, it is possible to pay in instalments.

Programmes: my coaching programmes range from 3 to 12 months. We’ll have regular, typically fortnightly or monthly sessions that are either face-to-face or via video/phone calls. During the time we work together I will be available for support in between the sessions.

Intensive: Is a 1-on-1 one-day intensive coaching session. This is ideal for re-planning and re-structuring your approach, or resolving a complex situation. It’s an intense, deep, and life-changing process.