How to Catch the Wave – Generate Your Career Breakthrough


Breakthrough: an important discovery or an event that helps to improve a situation or provide and answer to a problem. (Cambridge English Dictionary) Have you ever wondered why, despite all your hard work and efforts, you just can’t seem to move your career forward? You feel stuck? And then, to rub salt into the wound, others around you suddenly seem to be having all the career luck. Or are you wondering if you’ve had your career breakthrough yet? If you’re wondering this, its likely the answer is no – a significant occurrence like this normally makes its presence felt! There are many factors that contribute to (or detract from) building successful careers, namely mindset, behaviour, approach and situation. I’ve worked with many hugely capable people over the years – as a boss, a colleague or as a coach – helping them build successful careers. Here’s my view of what tends to be in the way and what you can do about it. The Obstacles: A Belief in Luck, Magic and Fairness! – Harsh but sometimes true. People can become wedded to the idea that when it comes to career, things will fall into their hands without the work required to put themselves in the right position. Resistance – Blinkers firmly in place, people end up fighting the reality of their career situation, instead of looking at the situation from alternative angles and then leveraging the knowledge these views provide. The Past – Often there are subconscious mental blocks that affect your