I love coaching. It’s so powerful, whatever your personality or circumstances. And now I’ve unlocked my own goals (through coaching and being coached) to follow my dream of it becoming my life and my work.
For me, there’s nothing that matches the sense of excitement and happiness at helping others gain clarity, grow confidence, find and follow their direction with momentum to achieve the things that really mean something to them.
I hope the following words from my clients tell their side of the story – some make me blush, but in truth all make me swell with tremendous pride in them, happiness for them and for what they have achieved.

Finding a new role you love – Emma Brown’s Journey

“Coaching has had a huge impact on my life, I was completely stuck and felt I had no option to change that fact. I was in a job that I thought I needed to keep committing to, even though it was affecting my life outside of work very badly. I knew I should leave, however, I didn’t know how to go about that or even what I should be leaving to! Coaching helped me realise that I was allowed and could move on to the next thing. I’m now three months in to a different job and the difference it has made to me, both personally and professionally, has been wonderful.

I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t be able to give coaching the headspace I know it would need and if that meant I wasn’t going to get a lot out of it. However, I met with Maggie every few months which meant I could fit it in to my schedule, but I also felt those breaks between gave me time to reflect. In the end I really looked forward to our sessions, because it made me assess where I was against where I knew I wanted to be.

I was a little nervous about setting goals to begin with, because even I didn’t know what I wanted! Maggie was brilliant (and patient!) at getting me to write a goal down, we spent a lot of time doing exercises to try and get to the bottom of what I wanted to achieve. The goal posts also changed along the way and Maggie always made me feel that this way okay and not something to be concerned about.

Maggie is an incredibly warm and approachable person, I never felt uncomfortable discussing things with her, even when they were quite difficult subjects. She was very patient and I always felt she listened to me fully, when she echoed what I had said back to me she was always spot on. She was always full of exercises that we could do together in order to tease out answers, this made the sessions really enjoyable and I often found myself learning things about myself I didn’t realise in the beginning! Maggie is also really accommodating and was happy to meet me in places that suited my needs.

I can’t really put a price on what Maggie helped me achieve – but she was great value for money. I’m astounded looking at where I am now, compared to when Maggie and I first started working together. It was well worth the money and the time in order to achieve my goal of finding a new role.”

Emma Brown

Senior Giving Officer, Bloodwise

Getting Unstuck, Believing in Myself again, Renewing Direction and my Energy for Life, Daring to Aim High again! – Joseph’s Reinvention

“ I sought Maggie’s help for several reasons. I felt I needed a reinvention to become the leading man in the movie of my own life! Something that I had lost along the way.

I wanted to achieve more confidence, have a presence in a room, improve my fitness and to start believing in myself again.

Maggie has enabled me to achieve my goals by giving me the support, tools and processes and I needed. With just a 6 session programme spread over 8 months, she’s enabled me to easily break them down in achievable chunks instead of feeling stuck , overwhelmed and frustrated.

I now feel more confident with a renewed energy, I am fitter, and although it wasn’t an initial goal, I have found the determination to successfully quit smoking too.

Maggie was understanding, considerate with her time and I always left each session on a high.

After a short break of sessions, I am now seeing Maggie again on a regular basis with a brand new set of goals – the sky is the limit! “

Joseph O’Connor – Professional Stylist, Newbury

Visualising my business goals and achieving results beyond those goals – Business Owners Results

Maggie’s coaching sessions have had a huge impact on my life. I’ll admit I have always been an extremely ambitious person and have always come up with new ideas and ways to develop my business. However, they ended up just becoming ideas and never amounted to anything substantial.

Through Maggie’s simple and effective coaching techniques, I was able to devise a clear plan that I could realistically action.

I found I could truly visualise myself achieving my goals and, for the first time, could see me actually achieving them.

Thanks to Maggie I had an action plan and wow, did it deliver!

In the space of a year I have gone from an employed personal trainer (unhappy in my working environment), to the start of opening my very own gym. I even had the confidence to compete in a world championship fitness competition and securing a mainstream magazine.

If you truly want to achieve and even succeed your lifestyle goals, then I would highly recommend Ping Thinking with Maggie. I truly feel like I am becoming the best version of myself and I have Maggie to thank for that.

Ashley Cox

Owner – AC Fitness

Focusing on what my issues are – Senior Executives Story

Maggie helped me to clarify what my goal was quickly. I already had a good idea of this but had been really struggling to find a way to achieve it and had let it slip my grasp before several times. The questioning felt very natural and because we drew pictures as reference, I was able to follow my own thoughts well as she guided me through making choices

The sessions have been incredibly useful to me and I have already made it half way to my goal that we agreed in my first session – i.e. I am on track and even maybe slightly ahead on something I just couldn’t achieve before. I felt very energised and relieved to have made some progress”

Vice President

Top 5 Global Pharmaceutical Company

Working out what to do next – a New Manager’s Challenge

I was really pleased to figure out what I could do which would make a difference to me. Maggie helped me achieve this in a non-confrontational way by using lots of powerful questions”

Senior Client Director

Global Food Company

Understanding the current picture and knowing where to start – a Manager who felt “Stuck” Breakthrough

“Maggie is really personable so I felt able to speak my mind freely and not worry about being judged. She made me feel comfortable and I therefore didn’t struggle conveying what I meant.

I always felt understood and confident that Maggie was actively listening to understand my position which, combined with her subsequent questions, got me to arrive at my own conclusions”

Maggie was always clear when introducing a technique and I felt they were always appropriate and helpful. I really liked how Maggie would engage me in the choice between different techniques to make sure I felt comfortable with the direction we were taking. I do need an element of handholding and I am very pleased that I sought out coaching and found Maggie”


Top 10 UK University.

Stop Wishing, Start Doing!